Lucky 2018 Crew Pro Complete Stunt Scooter. Rrp £169

In this latest review post, we find out the top 10 best Lucky Pro Scooters available to buy in 2018. Lucky was based mostly in 2009 and along with that the small however rising complete scooter lucky group observed the first ever produced Lucky deck. Their components quickly became favoured by serious riders, infact they completely sold out of all thier products within the first week of opening business online!.

The Lucky Prospect Deck offers all of the specifications you need including; concave top, flat sides, flat bottom, and a flushed out head tube. Lucky No-Nubbins Pro Scooter grips look wicked on any scooter with their sleek flangeless look. The pro scooters are made for the masses; and hence, available in a wide price bracket of $100 – $500.

With abundant options, this stunt scooter is perfect to grow with any young riders size and abilities. We listened to the feedback from our riders and the industry and increased the width to 5″ wide and the length to 21.75″ and went with the Lucky ProBar. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Lucky freestyle scooters in Singapore.

An integrated compression bolt and finger tabs mean you don’t need tools to tighten your HIC compression. They are highly rated scooters, which shows that a number of users have also recommended the products. Lucky Crew Pro stunt scooter. Lucky’s sponsored rider Dakota Schuetz won the first 2 International Scooter Association Championships in 2013 and 2014.

If you are one of the rebellious types and are looking to experiment with different levels of speed, maneuverability and other stunts on your pro scooter, the Blitz Storm Pro Kick, is the right choice for you. Lucky Scooters don’t just focus on quality, for them it’s also about design for performance.