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Pot Farming is Legal in America

Pot farming is now legal in America, well, on Facebook at least. Another variation on the classic farming application takes a decidedly bloodshot approach to planting and harvesting on Facebook. In Pot Farm, you become a hippie who decides to plant and grow marijuana themed plants out in the woods. There are many different plants so far (hemp, time warp, blueberry, etc…) with more surely to come since the game is still in beta whatever, as it is so perfectly put by the makers. You can also construct buildings, machines, and protections, just like any decent farming game.

One strong pro with Pot Farm is the fact that your plants do not wither (as of this writing), but you do have to beware of the evil Ranger Dick who wants to come and confiscate all your plants. This is one of the little twists that was thrown in the mix to help set Pot Farm apart from other farming games and apps on Facebook. Each plant has a certain protection rating, which is usually a negative one. The lower your total protection rating, the more likely it is that Ranger Dick will come and ruin your buzz, man. Some of the buildings you are able to construct will improve your protection rating, as well as certain decorations and vehicles.

The game play is very basic, especially for those of us who are already addicted to Farmville or any of the other farming games on Facebook. You have to dig holes, plants your marijuana seeds, wait for them to grow, and then harvest them. While Pot Farm is as addictive as the rest of the Facebook farming applications and games, those of us that do enjoy to imbibe in the ‘green machine’ will obviously get a much greater kick out of the game.

Another cool feature of Pot Farm is simply the humor. Unlike other farming games, where a load page is just a load page, Pot Farm throws in some little jokes that make me giggle like a schoolgirl every time I read them (like “Are you sure Dave’s not home?” as just one example). Again, these little jokes and simple humor will be gotten more by the stoners of Facebook, but they are …

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