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Agriculture Jobs in the United States

Agriculture jobs in the United States are booming. Yet many American workers do not want to try out jobs in this sector. Whether this is out of misconceptions or misinformation, agriculture can offer the out-of-work employee a viable option for income.

Why should someone work in agriculture jobs in the United States?

The most obvious reason is because they are available. In the Great Recession, medical care, education, and agriculture continued to grow. Even with a contracting economy, people still have to go to the doctor and eat. Agriculture jobs in the united States are also a good idea because they pay comparatively well. An unskilled worker can start at a department store or fast food joint for the national minimum wage. Many agriculture jobs pay well above that for the entry level worker. Picking apples in Washington state pays an average of ten dollars an hour according to the states work source website. For two dollars to three dollars more an hour, the entry level worker can have a job that does not entail talking to customers or shoveling fries into boxes.
Multiple kinds of agriculture jobs are available

Agriculture jobs offer a broad array of different employment options. New workers can work in nurseries or landscaping. They can also work in the fields picking fruit and vegetables or driving tractors. Agriculture jobs also cover the field of animal husbandry. New workers can find jobs on dairy farms, or taking care of sheep, pigs, or other animals. An entrepreneur can also try to start out their own agricultural business. Chickens take little start up money and the same goes for lambs or pigs. Start small with one animal at a time and gradually grow from that level. A friend of mine in high school started raising lambs on the side his sophomore year. By the time he graduated he was bringing in twelve thousand every year from his income with sheep. Although this does not sound like a great deal of money, for a side job in high school, the pay was outstanding. Another student started growing plant cuttings in middle school. By the time she was in high school she had started up a business as a plant nursery.

Finding agriculture jobs in the United States

The web is an excellent tool for finding agriculture jobs in the United States. Many states have work source and employment websites that can help the job seeker get in touch with agriculture jobs. Also try going directly to the employers. If you know of a farm in your area, go to the owner and see if they are hiring. Newspapers and Craigs list will also often contain agriculture jobs as spring time approaches.

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