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Farming for Handouts: Government Aid Pays Big Dividends to Farmers

Catastrophic winds, drought, and floods or any other natural or manmade accident that causes problems for farmer’s effects us all. Drought can effect the amount of water and feed available for cattle and other livestock. Fish Farms can suffer as well from the high cost of feed in drought years. Texas will produce tons of pecans unless there isn’t enough rainfall to make them grow or they may find themselves to be in the same predicament as Citrus Farms this season and vice versa. In this case, the Citrus Growers whose trees were hit by early or late frost will produce little to no crops.

Since the supply will be limited in any crisis prices will shoot up because the demand usually remains the same or escalates if people decide to stockpile over fear of doing without. Many times farmers can’t recuperate their losses over several years of weathering hardships. The USDA or United States Department of Agriculture has found a way to help suffering farmers cope with disastrous phenomenon beyond their control. They give them money.

The funny thing about the government is that they don’t seem to mind giving countless tax dollars away to farmers who haven’t suffered any losses or who don’t even live in effected areas. Back in 2003 when the Columbia Space Shuttle exploded and scattered debris across parts of Texas, money was doled out to farmers who didn’t sustain any casualties from the falling space metal. There could have been fallout from radiation exposure I suppose, but there was no indication of any. Still the government paid off farmers who were no where close to any shuttle pieces and some of them received an eye-awakening sum of $40,000.

Ninety nine percent of the time the government won’t check on or pay attention to the specific locations of actual areas hit with damage from nature or other unpredictable occurrence. The years 2002 and 2003 brought great relief for farmers who weren’t in need. In those times of distress or not USDA offices were on the lookout for any destructive natural forces at play that could qualify farmers for money compensation. A lot of farmers received government checks in the mail they had no idea about. Some took the check to their local USDA offices and were told that the government hadn’t made any mistakes. The check was theirs. I image a lot of farmers were very happy to get free government money.

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