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Is Ranching and Animal Farming Morally Right?

Very many years ago, when the world was green and the environment was pollution free, livestock and poultry were fed foods that were unadulterated or polluted by pesticides or hormones. Advancement in science and technology and the material needs of the human being has pushed him to devise new methods to increase his production, be it food grains or livestock. So eating meat today is totally different to eating it long ago, as today’s meat is adulterated and contaminated meat, which is very harmful to us.

The farming techniques in vogue today increase production but the environmental damage they cause has to be borne by the future generations of our planet. In the United States, which is a huge consumer of animal food, raising livestock is a huge burden on the environment as the food and water to raise animals requires more than half the available resources in the United States.

This livestock farming industry also contributes to pollution in a big way by polluting our rivers and lakes but also cause soil erosion, which can turn disastrous in the future.

Almost ninety percent of the entire farmable land of the country is used for livestock farming. That is almost half of the land mass of the United States.

Other factors that cause heavy environmental degradation is methane emission, the chief contributor to methane emission is cattle.

Livestock farming or raising animals for food has caused irreparable damage to the country’s water resources as the huge volumes of animal excrement end up in our rivers or lakes.

The available raw materials and fossil fuels in the United States is consumed by this animal farming industry and this industry alone consumes a whopping 33 percent of available fossil fuel resources.

Forests are destroyed to make space for animal farming. The moral aspect of this involves cruel treatment of the animals themselves, add to this the overhead costs involved in animal farming then eating animal meat is like an inhuman way of killing our economy and our planet itself. So make a pledge today to say no to animal meat in your food and turn to alternative healthier way of living like vegetarian diets. Make the decision that will change the planet for good and make a better you morally.

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